The perfect age gap

The age gap between sproglets is something I thought about, read about & talked about lots before having Baby M… The perfect gap… Is there such a thing? 

Jealousy, understanding pregnancy, sibling rivalry, sibling bonding & having enough love for another – never mind enough energy were all things we had discussed pre deciding we would start trying for baby numéro 2! 

So is there such a thing as the perfect gap? I think so.. I think the perfect gap will be whatever the gap is between your children! It will be perfect for you. A small gap may be what works or a large gap might be what you need but either way it’s your gap & it will be the only age gap you know of & therefore perfect for you & your family! 

There are 2 years & 10 months between Safiyah & Florence, so far it has been perfect. Safiyah is loving, gentle & very caring towards Florrie… Showing off her maternal side at every chance she gets! After all she has her very own baby to look after & love! Touch wood there has been no jealousy and obviously Florence is far too young to partake in any sibling rivalry. The only time Safiyah was thrown a little off balance was with the stream of visitors in the first few weeks – I would catch her quietly watching people that usually fuss over her coo over Florrie & see her eyes well up. When I spotted this happening for a second time I nipped our stream of visitors in the bud and limited visitors to when S was in nursery. 

On the flip side of this there was 7 years between my sister & I, we are very close now but this didn’t happen until about 8 years ago when I left home! Prior to me moving out she was a make-up stealing, wardrobe raiding, scary sleepwalking neusence (sorry Tig)! 

It’s always good to remember that bubbas don’t come to order – so always factor that in when you are planning ‘the perfect gap’

What is the age gap between your children? If you have 3 or more what is your favourite age gap? Obviously I have nothing to compare our almost 3 year gap to but so far I am really enjoying every moment of it!

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