If you are trying to get pregnant then knowing when you ovulate is going to dramatically improve your chances of falling pregnant in less time..

There are lots of ovulation calculators out there but if you’re a pen & paper girl like me then here is a good method to use. Please note that if you have irregular periods like I did then this won’t work & the only real way to know for sure is by using ovulation prediction test sticks – I bought cheapies off ebay here & they worked just as well as the pricier ones you can get in pharmacies. 

So…start by working out when your next period is due, then count back 12 days & then another 4. Your fertile window will be the days in between these two dates.

For example if your next period is due November 30st, 12 days back from that is Nov 17th & another 4 days is Nov 13th you are most likely to ovulate somewhere in between the 13th & 17th Nov. So to cover all basis it’s recommended to get jiggy on all 5 days to give you the highest chance of conceiving. 

Charting temperature 
Another way to work out when you are ovulating/when your fertile window is is by charting your temperature. I never did this myself but I know lots of people who have & have found it really helped them get in tune with their bodies. The reason I never charted my temperature is because of my irregular periods. When charting you are looking for a rise in your temp which shows you have ovulated. I needed to know before I ovulated not after as that would have just been a bit if a kick in the teeth! Read all about tips & tricks for charting here—–

Vaginal Discharge 
If someone told me how interested I would become in discharge when trying to conceive I would have never believed them. It’s almost on par with how interested you become in your newborn babies poop in those first few weeks!

So it’s the cervical mucus you are looking out for…I had never noticed until I started monthly ‘knicker watch’ but it dramatically changes throughout your cycle. As ovulation looms closer & that window of opportunity gets nearer you are looking for discharge that has the same consistency as egg whites. It changes to help the seamen make their way to the little egg patiently waiting to be fertilised! As soon as you see it changing take that as your signal to do a ‘bedroom dance!’ 

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