Food Glorious Food

I LOVE hearing what other people have planned for their weekly dinner menu… I’ll be sharing our evening meal plan – pretty pleaseeeee do share yours in the comments box below, or tweet/facebook me! 

With a hungry husband & an even hungrier toddler who often goes by the nickname hungry horris I’m always on the prowl for new meal inspiration! 

I’ll include the meals we’ve already eaten this week just so you get the full picture! 

Monday – Lasagne, black pepper wedges & salad 
Tuesday – chilli & prawn pasta & garlic bread 
Wednesday – mild chicken tikka masala & rice 
Thursday – one pan fish supper (smoked haddock) with fresh egg noodles
Friday – salmon with roasted asparagus, cous cous & sweet potato wedges 
Saturday – out for dinner HERE 
Sunday – party food nibbles for Mini Meldrum’s birthday 

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