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I was recently sent a pair of Cupcake Nursing Pads to review. These are Cake Lingerie’s newest product that go hand in hand with their beautiful range of maternity & nursing lingerie. As many of you know my breastfeeding journey wasn’t a long one.. but that doesn’t mean my milk supply & day’s of leaking were over quite as quickly. 

If you have been reading my weekly postpartum updates (here is the latest one) then you will know that I have only recently started producing less milk. Up until last week I was still wearing breast pads all day & night. 

I was immediately drawn to the breast pads as I just loved the packaging they arrived in… I know, I know…you should never judge a book by it’s cover but I’m total sucker for pretty packaging. Thankfully the product matched the expectations the packaging had set!

 The pads are made from organic cotton & are super soft, when I first started using them I was on day 2 of breastfeeding with extremely painful & sensitive nipples. I had used disposable pads prior to the Cupcake pads & they really irritated my sore sensitive skin, not to mention how painful removing them was. The Cupcake Pads provided the break my very sore nipples needed & were so much nicer to wear than disposable pads. 

The pads can be worn alone or with a liner (these are sold separately) you can also double up on liners if you need extra absorption. I found the pads without a liner didn’t provide enough absorption for me but with a liner they were perfect for day time use. During the night one liner wasn’t enough, I never tried two – but to be honest I don’t think anything would have been absorbent enough – not even maternity pads in my bra did the trick! 

The Cupcake Pads are designed to draw moisture away from the body unlike disposable liners that just leave all moisture sitting against the skin causing further irritation. The pads really did help my poor nipples heal much faster and are a breeze to use as they can just be popped in the washing machine. I did find they needed a little iron when they came out but I am a bit ironing obsessed. I washed them by hand a lot of them time too so they were ready for me to wear quicker & this was very quick and easy & they were always dry in no time if left on the radiator. 

I would definitly reccomend Cupcake Nursing Pads & if the the quality of the pads reflects the rest of their beautiful maternity & nursing range then they really should be the go to place for maternity & nursing essentials. Head on over to their website here to browse their full range.

The Cupcake Pads are now available to buy here at the following costs; 2 pairs of light nursing pads for £9.90, 2 pairs of liners for £5.90

They get a big thumbs up from Me!

*This PR Sample was sent to me for purpose of this review – all opinions are my own*

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