Bathing a Newborn ft. a Toddler

I love bath time & think it is a crucial part of establishing a a good bed time routine. 

When Mr Meldrum is home we bath the girls together every night, when he’s away I bath them on alternate nights – at the moment bathing them together is a bit tricky on my own. Here is our simple bath time routine.

  • run bath to 37 degrees 
  • lay changing mat with a towel on bathroom floor
  • have both kido’s pj’s & hanging on radiators in whatever room you will be dressing them & nappy, talc (if using) laid on bed
  • have any lotions and potions ready next to bath – you will need to have everything you are planning on using close to hand
  • undress toddler & put in bath (after checking temp)
  • put in Angelcare soft-touch bath support or whatever bath support you are using. this one is our favourite!
  • undress baby & pop newborn on support
  • talk to baby so they feel safe & secure
  • gently scoop water onto babies body and head – Florrie likes a wet flannel over her tummy to start with to keep her feeling secure
  • then use a small amount of your favourite body wash to wash your baby – make sure you get into all the little creases – we love the Earth Friendly Baby range, they are all natural and organic & best of all smell delicious
  • I then remove the bath support with the help of Mr Meldrum (this step is ditched when I’m bathing the girls solo) 
  • Florrie then likes a little swim & this gives me a good chance to get into all of those creases
  • when Florrie has had enough I lay her on the changing mat & wrap her up in a huge fluffy towel
  • Mr Meldrum then takes over with S whilst I get Florrie dry & dressed 
and that’s our bath time!! 


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