Therline Wynnie Nursing Pillow Review

We started off our (very short) breastfeeding journey with help from the Theraline Wynnie breastfeeding support pillow available here for £23.95 
The pillow is a very easy to use chunky doughnut shape which looks great (all be it a bit brighter than something I would usually choose). I was very excited about using it after using the less than useful pillows in the hospital to help with positioning Florence for feeding. The pillow is extremely soft & also firm enough to be supportive – making it great for lying baby on whilst feeding. 
I found the feeding pillow alone wasn’t actually big enough for me to get Florence into a high enough position to comfortably feed & found I had to put a thin pillow underneath to raise her up high enough to comfortably reach my breast. I’m not sure if this was down to her tinyness or my awkward positioning but I didn’t breastfeed long enough to find out…because our breastfeeding didn’t last very long I can’t really comment on how we may have ended up getting on with the Wynnie but we did use it everyday whilst feeding & it definitely did help.
I have however read many great articles of how the Wynnie can help with Reflux in babies and is suitable from birth from propping them up after a feed. We have been using it to prop Florrie-Belle up & it has helped keep a little more milk down. It can also be used to encourage tummy time when they are a little bigger & before they can fully sit up unaided as a back support. The Wynnie is fully washable – cover and inlet which is very useful when sicky babies are involved! 

Have a look on Theraline’s full online shop to view all of their other feeding, support & baby pillows.
*This product was kindly sent to me for reviewing purposes however all views are my own

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