Saying goodbye to the Internet.

As you all know I love the internet, Internet shopping, social media, reading blogs, watching vlogs, pinning & generally browsing! Mr Meldrum is also a big browser & is partial to online shopping for motorbike/golf bits! In the evenings we generally watch our favourite TV show ‘scandal’ whilst on our phones!

When I think about it & imagine the two of us sat side by side, both half engaged in the tv & half engaged in our phones there leaves no room to be engaged in each other! It’s sounds shockingly bad & pretty pathetic but I’m sure we aren’t the only couple to do it! Please tell me we aren’t!! 

Following in the footsteps of Hannah Maggs we have decide to attempt Blackout. Duh duh duhhhhh… It even sounds scary! One evening a week (we have chosen Wednesday evenings) at 7pm (when mini Meldrum has gone to bed) we will officially be screen free; no phones, no iPads & no TV. This will last until we wake up the following morning. 

I’m so looking forward to spending this quality time with Mr Meldrum; board games, chats & generally just being more engaged in one another! 

blackout nights will be especially good for us as sometimes it’s rather difficult to remember that we are Mr & Mrs Meldrum as well as mummy & daddy. In the craziness of family life your true self gets almost swept under the rug whilst your new role as sensible, caring, disciplining, providing parent takes centre stage. 

Would you ever consider doing a Blackout, what ways would you enjoying spending time together if you went screen free? 

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