My Birth Story

So I have shared my Birth Video with you all but I thought I would write my full Birth Story with all the details from my pregnancy notes so they are captured before the notes are whisked away & added to my medical file – never to be seen again! 


8am – woke up after a terrible sleep with lots of heart palpitations – one look in the mirror & it was clear to see my face was very puffy, as were my hands & feet. Sent hubby off to play in his Golf Medal and decided to chill in bed with Mini Meldrum

8.30am – a few niggly contractions, I started timing them & they were coming approx 13 mins apart & lasting for 35 seconds. 

9.30am a scheduled visit from my Midwife to check my BP. Discovered my BP was raised.. my usual BP is 60 & I knew that if it was to raise above 85 once more my lovely planned home birth was off the cards (the last two weeks my BP has been brilliant – never rising above 76) 

BP checked & sitting at 96… checked twice more within 30 mins & readings were 98 & 96.  Cue hysterics from me as it dawned on me that the home birth was out of the window. 

My MW explained I needed to head straight into Aberdeen Maternity Hospital… more specifically the dreaded Westburn Ward you will have heard me mention time & time again in my pregnancy update videos. 

11.05am officiall admitted to Westburn Ward, bloods taken, attached to trace machine, irregular contractions

1.30pm spontaneous partial rupture of membranes, contractions now every 6 minutes, sat on birthing ball with TENS machine on.

3.30pm starting to get really sore – feeling need for more pain relief

4.10pm started to feel pressure, notes say ‘vaginal examination – still 3cms dilated, cervix mid position – less than 1 cm long, fore waters felt, hind waters draining.’ BP still raised sitting at 94

4.45pm Contractions getting stronger – at this point I remember wanting more pain relief and the words Epidural & Morphine were thrown around a few times. MW read over my birth plan & suggested I try a bath. Seemed like a great idea so they started running me a bath. Made way to bathroom with lots of stops for contractions on the way & needed support from Lee & Midwife to walk.

Lee took over running the bath & I got in – lasted approx 10 mins in the bath & hated it – all I wanted was to be out & have my TENS machine back on. 

5.15pm Contractions every 2 mins & painful – Labour Ward called to find bed. 

5.40pm Arrived on Labour Ward, given access to Gas & Air and contractions now coming every 2 mins and lasting for 1 minute.

6pm having lots of laughs… in between the contractions 

6.30pm  started pushing 

6.35pm head is out


I had a really lovely experience & every member of staff I encountered was lovely. I really couldn’t have asked for a better birth. I had lots of cuddles in the delivery room & delivered the placenta quickly after Florrie arrived. I managed to breastfeed within the first 5 mins & had skin to skin for a full hour before having a quick shower & being transported up to a maternity ward. By the time I got up to the maternity ward it was approx 9.30pm, I got straight into bed, Mr Meldrum had a little cuddle with Florence & then he headed home. 

We were discharged Sunday afternoon after all necessary checks had been done on Florence & I and my BP had come down enough for them to be happy to let me go. 

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