Little Box of Magic

The Lovely Emma at Water Baby Birthing Pool Hire sent me a ‘Little Box of Magic’ in preperation for the arrival of Baby Meldrum. 

My box contained various bits & pieces which can all be purchased separately along with lots of other goodies to make your birth experience even more special. 

The box contained Witch hazel & aloe vera treatment, a spray bottle, lavender, amber teething beads, a handkerchief for clary sage oil & cotton cord ties.

I was so so amazed when I discovered there was actually a product for post partum healing as I had created a similar concoction after Mini Meldum was born. Water Baby Birthing Pool are the first company to offer this treatment.
Witch Hazel is your best friend for the postpartum healing period. This bottle of wonder will do magic for any soreness and swelling after a vaginal birth. Squirt the treatment onto maternity pads & keep in freezer – the relief this provides is heavenly!!

I was so so disappointed I never got to use my cotton cord ties – my birth plan got left on the ward in the rush of getting to the Labour Ward & they were attached to the top of it. I had never even heard of cotton umbilical cord ties until browsing the water baby website & think they are such a genius invention… I don’t know a soul who likes the ugly cord clamps that are used & can’t understand why everyone doesn’t use cotton cord ties. They are a soft and comfy alternative to plastic cord clamps for any newborn baby. They are much easier to manage than a plastic clamp, particularly when changing a nappy.
Made from 100% cotton embroidery thread and plaited using a lovely 5 strand plait. They measure 8 inches long.   

The Spray bottle provided is to use to mix no more than 10 drops of Lavender oil, with water and use it as a room fragrance. That way everyone entering your birth space can benefit from the calming effects.
Other benefits of this oil, particularly for mum, include alleviating nausea, anxiety and pain. If mum needs a boost during labour she can make use of the spritz bottle. You could even put the bottle in the fridge so that it can be gently sprayed onto the face or back to cool off.

Clary Sage has a chemistry similar to Estrogen, one of the female hormones. 

Some Aromatherapists suggest adding 6 drops of Clary Sage to your bath every day from 38 weeks to ensure baby is born before anyone begins to mentions the word ‘induction’. Please be aware that it may bring on Braxton Hicks or latent labour.
Just like Lavender, Clary Sage also has a relaxing effect, as they both contain Linalyl Acetate. However, Clary Sage contains much higher quantities of it.
Clary Sage is excellent for pain relief. The best way to use Clary Sage is to put 3 drops on a hanky and inhale with each contraction. Some prefer this to gas and air. I am not one of those people & loveeeeed the Gas & Air – as I am sure you all saw in the Birth Video  

Please head over & check out Water Baby Birth Pool Hire they really do provide a very special service. I will be reviewing the Tens Machine they sent me next week… I could not have got through Labour without it!! 

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