I Loved my Tens Machine!!

Hi Lovelies so as you all know… or should do as it’s all I ever talk about.. I recently gave birth to a small human!! Yippeee!

I was sent a TENS machine from Water Baby Birthing Pool Hire to assist with my lovely natural home water birth that unfortunately never happened… however the TENS was my absolute life saver during labour!! You can hire a TENS machine for £20 for 5 weeks hire, this is a great thing to have when planning a home water birth & I had planned to use it whilst Mr Meldrum set up the pool.

From 4cm dilated I was strapped up to my Tens and it stayed on until the bitter end! I absolutely loved it and found it a very very effective method of pain relief – I was really pleasantly surprised as I had heard & read lots of mixed opinions on tens machines. 

The Elle TENS machine is super easy to use and provides safe, effective and drug-free pain relief for labour and any pains post labour. 

How it works

Elle TENS is simple to use. When labour begins, apply the 4 pads to your back astens_pads shown in the diagram and switch the TENS unit on. You will feel a pleasant yet slightly unusual pulsing sensation. This will help to increase your own pain relieving chemicals called endorphins. When experiencing a contraction, simply press the boost button for an extra surge of power needed to combat the pain. When the contraction ends, press the boost button again and restart the cycle.

“The device administers electrical stimulation to key nerve endings to naturally increase pain-fighting chemicals in your body and the Elle TENS Pain Relief Machine makes natural relief extremely accessible.”

The Main Event

From the moment hubby hooked me up to my TENS machine it provided me with an instant feeling of safety – knowing that as I felt each contraction approaching I could get myself through the pain with the help of the boost button. As the contractions intensified I crept up the intensity power levels & always saved the boost button for a contraction (until hubby managed to forget to turn it off resulting in a bit of a telling off for him watch here). I removed the TENS Machine to have a bath in hospital when I was 4cm dilated & couldn’t stand not having it on and not being in control of any pain relief – I only managed 8 minutes without my trusty TENS and quickly got out of the bath to be reunited with it! 

 I’ll leave you all with a link to a very short clip of Mr Meldrum enjoying the Elle TENS experience!! Enjoyyyyy!

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