Hate or Rate – EOS lip balm

So this is a new one for me… Every time I try a new product (that I think may be of interest to someone) whether it be beauty, baby, toddler or house related I’ll share my views on it… And whether I ‘hate it’ or ‘rate it’…
Ok ok so I know I’m a bit late to the band wagon of reviewing my EOS smooth sphere lip balm… Better late than never thought, right?! 
I rate this lip balm so much! My sister bought it for me in the states so I have been using it for 5 months & can’t get enough of it. It has barely gone down in those 5 months with lots of usage so I’m seriously impressed!

I have the Blueberry Acai one & love that it is 95% organic & 100% natural. It’s seriously smooth on application, very quirky packaging & leaves my lips feeling soft & nourished. Not to mention it smells scrumptious.
They are pricey to buy over here… Around £7 I believe (please let me know if you have found them cheaper anywhere else) & only around $3 in the states which is justttt a little bit annoying! But I am almost certain I will be buying another when this one does eventually runs out! 

Big fat ‘Rate It’ from me! 

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