5 week postpartum update

Hello Lovelies, I cannot believe our little Florence is 5 weeks old!! It feels like yesterday I was writing my Birth Story! Everyone warned me with Mini Meldrum how quickly time passes by & when I stop and think that she is turning 3 in 2 weeks time it blows my mind!! The last 3 years have disappeared in a blink of an eye. I am trying to treasure every moment with Florence as I now know first hand how quickly the tiny newborn-ness vanishes. 

Well I have almost completed week two of flying solo without Mr Meldrum, I am glad it has come to an end… as much as I have coped & it has flown by I am more than ready to share the task of being a parent to a newborn & a toddler. I am officially knackered!! I receive a lot of e-mails (that are lovely) but paint me out to be a supermum – that I am not. I just have to do it, don’t get me wrong I love it… but I also LOVE the 2 days a week Safiyah is in nursery & when 7pm rolls around every night I am thankful!  

We have had a good week our antenatal reunion, birthday party, meeting friends for coffee, play group, meeting the lovely Laura from Liparazzi & Sarah from The Knott Bump & Us & their gorgeous kiddiwinks. 

Mummy Update

I’m feeling good aside from the tiredness that comes hand in hand with having a newborn. I’m still loving being a mummy of two little ladies & enjoying seeing them together. 


last week I mentioned having a Dr’s appointment r.e post birth issues & she confirmed I have a prolapse, so I’m now waiting to hear from a physio… the things we put our bodies through to create beautiful little babies! Hopefully it can be improved & the physio helps me. It’s not painful just very achy at the end of every day or if I have been standing for a long time. 

I am still producing milk… I can’t believe it, not a lot but enough that I can feel it. 

The big question…weight.. I am now 9 stone 2 it’s slowly coming down. Roll on my 8 week check to get the all clear to exercise – although the research I’ve done into running with s prolapse isn’t looking promising! I promise I will film an update this week so you can see how my tummy is looking now since a few of you have requested this! 

Baby Meldrum update 
Florrie is changing ever day now! She has started smiling since last week (if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen a little video). She’s sleeping well, usually has a bottle at 9pm when we both go to bed & then sleeps until 2am and then back down until 6am which is brilliant. We have the odd off night with snacks feeds resulting in lots of waking! 

Florrie is now in 0-3 months sized clothes! It was rather emotional packing the tiny baby, first size & newborn clothes away (note their packed away to go into the attic rather than at the charity shop like Mr Meldrum suggested). 

Florence now weighs a whopping 9lb 4.5oz it’s scary to think some people have babies as big as she is now! Ouch!

Her reflux seems to be easing- she hasn’t had so mNy huge projectile vomits, maybe down to her taking smaller feeds more frequent- I guess she’s doing what feels right for her & I am more than happy to follow her lead! 

This evening I feel like a kid at Christmas as Mr Meldrum is home tomorrow! Mini Meldrum is missing him lots… As am I! 

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