3 Week Postpartum Update

Firstly I need to apologise for my complete lack vlogging, my schedule has totally gone out of the window… I ever so slightly underestimated life with a Toddler & a Newborn. Hopefully when Mr Meldrum goes back to work I will get into a little more of a rhythm but for now I can only apologise & hope you all understand. I have had a few angry e-mails due to the fact that I haven’t been following my usual upload schedule but I really can only apologise… blogging & vlogging is a hobby that I love but at the moment I am loving spending all my time with my family and my ‘Mrs Meldrum’ bits and bobs have taken a back seat. 

We will get there though I am sure of it… until then please be patient with me! :) 

Nowwww that that is all said & done lets get on with my 3 week update! Yesterday our little Florrie-Belle turned 3 weeks old! I cannot believe it.. I feel like before I know it she’ll be Mini Meldrum’s age as every time I look at S I wonder where on earth the last (almost) 3 years have gone!! SCARY STUFF!

Mummy Update

I am still feeling good, have had lots of headaches this last week – probably due to being so busy, Safiyah’s constant chatting & having less sleep than what I am used to. Typing this has just reminded me that I am due a blood pressure check… must make an appointment! Tweeters – please remind me! I’m also having some issues with my eyes – very peculiar but the same happened after my last pregnancy. I didn’t need glasses before I had S & since having Florrie I am relying on them more & more. BP seems to have some connection to eye sight according to my optician another appointment I need to make!


My body isn’t fully recovered but I feel like we are getting there.. it has only been 3 weeks after all. My breasts are still leaking pretty fed up of this now & looking forward to ditching the breast pads! 

3 weeks on & I have actually put on weight!!!! Can’t believe it.. but to be honest I am still eating too much cake, I must rectify this immediately otherwise I am never going to shift the weight. today’s cake was a rather delicious curly wurly cake…Scrumptious! 

I know you all want numbers soooo.. I now at 3 weeks PP weigh 9 stone 6, 1 stone 6 away from my target weight. 

I am still bleeding but bled for 6 weeks after Mini Meldrum so kind of expected it – active days – when isn’t an active day – it’s a lot heavier so I guess this is my bodies way of saying slowwww dowwnnn! 

Home Life

Mini Meldrum is still being a gem towards Florrie, they have both been under the weather suffering with a cold & cough but it hasn’t been too traumatising! We’ve been on lots of walks, shopping & spent time with the girls Great Grandad who was up visiting from England. We also received the images from the photo shoot & I am really pleased with them check out Debbie Walker Photography if you are local, i’ve shared a few of my favourites on my Instagram & Mrs Medlrum facebook page. Mr Meldrum doesn’t have much longer left at home, he has had 8 weeks off & it has been so lovely, I’m sure I will be so busy with the girls he’ll be home before I know it.

Baby Meldrum

Florence hasn’t been weighed this week but she is definitely feeling heavier! She’s still sleeping well despite her cold & we’ve even had a few nights of only waking for one feed!! Usually she goes down at 9pm, wakes at midnight & 3 am for a feed. I can deal with that, she’s pretty predictable & settles really well after a feed which makes it all very easy during the night. We bit the bullet and made a Dr’s appointment r.e the reflux so hopefully we can get that fixed on Tuesday… the vomiting isn’t improving – getting worse if anything so there really is no need for us all to be suffering through it. 

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, here’s to a relaxing Sunday. 

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