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I always dreamed of having a water birth – with Mini Meldrum this wasn’t an option as I was induced on a high risk induction word due to Pre-Eclampsia – this time round I was truly desperate not only to have a water birth but to have it all in the comfort of my own home!

I was highly recommended pool hire from Water Baby Birthing Pool Hire, the lovely Emma set up this company after having such a wonderful water birth experience herself 5 years ago & the hiring system couldn’t be easier. 

There are 4 types of pools available to hire & Emma can help guide you on which one is right for you if you are struggling to make the decision yourself. I opted for the Birth Pool in a Box Regular which is the most popular. All of the pools are £90 for 5 weeks hire with free delivery – everything you will need is included in that price – there are of course some lovely extras you can purchase to make the birth even more special. 

birth pool in a box regular

The birthing pool comes with very thorough instructions (even my hubby could follow them) but these are basically the setting up steps.

Step 1) unpack box & check you have everything you need – preferably do this as soon as you receive it. 

Step 2) sweep floor & position anti-slip floor liner  

step 3) place pool in middle of mat

step 4) inflate bottom ring, then floor then seat

Step 5) inflate middle & top chambers – leave top chamber half empty to fit liner

Step 5) fit liner

Step 6) inflate remainder of top chamber) 

Step 7) connect hose to tap

Step 8) fillllll up the pool

step 9) hop in & have the most relaxing birth experience ever 😉

I wanted to post this blog post before the birth of Baby Meldrum incase plans change at last minute & there isn’t time to film the set up process or for some reason I am unable to follow through with my homebirth plans. 

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