Newborn Sleeping Arrangements

After approximately 273 days of being pregnant… I am well & truly ready to meet Baby Meldrum. Other than getting to know my new little bundle & all the loveliness that goes along with having a new member of the family – I want to take ownership of my body back!!

Getting comfortable enough to have a good nights sleep is virtually impossible in the latter stages of pregnancy & I am more than prepared this time for the continued lack of sleep once bubs is here… I am under no illusion that once I have my little womb prisoner on the outside I’ll be sleeping perfectly every night… however I am much more prepared this time round!


In my eyes it is always best to attack things head on with the knowledge to know that you are doing it right! There are various sleep options for newborns but I will only be going into what we plan to do – so remember there are alternatives out there as long as you research them & practice safe baby sleeping it’s really about what works for you as a family. 


Have everything you plan on using for your babies sleep arrangements in advance & know how to use it so you aren’t fumbling researching nervous wreck in the first few days like I was first time round with Mini Meldrum.


White Gift Wicker Moses Basket
Izziwotnot Moses Basket & Stand

  • Moses Basket – We have two sleep options for Baby Meldrum & plan to use this Moses Basket for day time sleeping downstairs. This seems like the most sensible option for us and have had the moses set up for a while, Mini Meldrum is now aware that when baby Meldrum is in moses she’s out of bounds. Moses baskets make newborns feel safe & secure & this one not only provides comfort it is very pleasing on the eye & complements both traditional & modern interiors. (look out for a review on this particular basket once Baby Meldrum makes her grand entry)
  • Crib – a crib really isn’t a necessity but more of a luxury that we have decided to allow ourselves to indulge in. We plan to use the glider crib for night time sleeping in our room until Baby M is 6 months old. 
  • Swaddle blankets – we will be using a range of swaddle blankets from day one, they help babies feel secure & stop them waking themselves with their startle reflex
  • Sleeping Bags – we are a big lover of sleeping bags & will switch to these for night time sleeping in the crib once Baby M is bigger. 
Babies are funny little creatures that don’t really know what they want – they have been kept warm & snugly on the inside for 9 months & they take some time to adjust to their new world & sleeping arrangements. Most of the time a newborns preferred place of sleep is firmly in your arms or on your chest but perseverance is key & they will soon learn to love the new sleeping basket you so loving & thoughtfully chose for them after spending hours eyeballing all the options in baby stores. 

Tips & Tricks
  • Warm the moses basket/crib with a hot water bottle before putting babe in it. 
  • white noise machines or apps that create womb/wave/hairdryer sounds to sooth baby.
  • putting a worn item of your clothing in the basket with them either wrapped around the mattress or just near it so it can’t become a safety hazard – being able to smell you comforts them.

*We were gifted this beautiful moses basket & stand – all opinions are my own*

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