Eviction Plan. Baby – You have been served!!

Hallelujah.. I have made it!! I am officially a week past full term – I have finally reached the day where should anything kick off I am allowed to have my lovely home birth (all depending on my BP cooperating).

My Eviction Plan actually commenced a week ago but as yet nothing is happening. 

  • Brisk Walks – preferably up steep hills. We have ventured out on a lot of walks & one big one in particular. The pressure of the babies head will be pushing on your cervix causing your body to release oxytocin. To be honest it just left me feeling absolutely worn out & I had an awful nights sleep with lots of pains but ultimately noooo baby! 
  • Spicy Food – I’ve had a Vindaloo & another spicy curry is on the cards for this evening, I also threw fajitas into the mix but still no action. Plenty of stomach stimulation but no womb action!! 
  • Pineapple –  bromelain is the enzyme which is in pineapple that is said to soften your cervix, eating lots of pineapple is also meant to have the same effect as curry – stimulating your stomach therefore stimulating your womb
  • Sex – sex makes you release oxytocin that can kick start contractions 
  • Nipple Stimulation – also releases oxytocin, it makes your body think the baby has arrived & is feeding which in turn starts contractions. This is a good opportunity to try out your breast pump
  • Evening Primrose oil capsules – these can be taken orally or inserted *ahem* I have been popping 3 300mg tablets in at night – I did this with Mini Meldrum & really think it helped prepare my cervix for labour. 
  • Clary Sage oil – I mix 20ml of base oil (I use sweet almond oil) with 5 drops of clary sage & 5 drops of lavender oil & massage this into my bump. I have also added it to a little bit of milk & added to bath (the milk is just to help disperse it in the water to stop it floating on the top)
  • Sex bomb bath bomb – I picked up one of these lovely bath bombs from Lush after reading that they can send you into labour. It didn’t send me in but did smell gorgeous & leave my skin feeling lovely & soft.
That is the extent of my Eviction Plan – I am sure that nothing actually works until Mother Nature gives the go ahead but it sure helps pass the time trying & I am sure they all help in their own little way. I am still drinking gallons of Raspberry Leaf Tea & taking the capsules blog post all about Rasp Tea here

Hurry up Baby… we are desperate to meet you!

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