Preparing Toddler for a new Baby

Preparing for a new baby is relatively straightforward – there are lists online of what to buy, you attend antenatal classes & there is a whole lot of support out there for you! Preparing a Toddler for a new baby is slightly more daunting! We started preparing Mini Meldrum for the arrival of her little sister early on – from about 12-15 weeks. I had HG so wanted her to know why I felt so poorly and why I was constantly vomiting & a bit of an un-fun Mummy. 

We started off by purchasing a selection of books & then also received a couple from friends so we have a fair old collection. After we had read one of the books for the first time I asked Safiyah if she would like to be a big Sister? Her response was a huge grin & a very enthusiastic “Yes”… so that was the hard part. We then explained that Mummy had a baby growing in her tummy & that’s why she was feeling poorly & very tired & also why we have to be very careful with mummy & more gentle around her tummy. 

  • talk about baby
  • get toddler talking to bump/giving kisses & explaining that her new sibling is growing in there but can hear her.
  • let them help ‘organise’ clothes, nappies, baby bits
  • read books about having a sibling
  • spend time around friends babies
  • point out siblings you see out and about 

Safiyah has embraced the whole baby thing way more than I ever thought she would at 2. She often asks to feel the baby kicking, has conversations about what colour hair she will have (blue or pink incase you’re wondering) & loves helping me ‘organise’ the baby clothes. 

I rarely take Mini Meldrum shopping with me but the few times she has been recently she has asked to buy things for the baby & picks out outfits etc for her! 

We talk about the baby with her daily & discuss how S can be Mummy’s helper when the baby is here & help dress her & change her nappy! All of which greatly excite her… I’m sure the novelty of nappy changes will soon wear off once Baby Meldrum arrives. I have let S be involved as much as possible with everything baby & pregnancy related… she drags out the bibs & sleepsuits daily & as much as it winds me up having to re sort everything I would rather she felt comfortable with all the baby gear & showed enthusiasm & excitement about it all. 

I think it has really helped her knowing that the baby is going to be a baby girl & now also giving her a name as S talks about her as though she is already here & mentions looking forward to holding her “when she’s ‘borned'” and sharing ‘only some’ of her toys with her. 

It really is lovely to see her so excited by it all & we can only hope that this feeling stays after Baby Meldrum’s arrival!!

How did you prepare your child for a new baby & how were they upon their sibling’s arrival? 

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