Postpartum Recovery Tips

I feel like the topic of postpartum recovery is often neglected – antenatal classes tend to focus on labour/birth & baby. Recovery is cast to the sideline as by then your gorgeous bundle has arrived and people assume the difficulties of pregnancy are a thing of the past.  

Mrs Meldrum to the rescue with a few helpful hints & tips to aid the recovery stage…most tried and test by me & a few I have picked up ready to put into action this time round! 

  • Perineal Massage – ok so this is to be done whilst you are still pregnant but aids postpartum recovery as it is meant to reduce the likelihood of needing stitches. This is something I didn’t do in my last pregnancy but will be attempting in the next few weeks. My MW mentioned it last time & I literally cringed inside at the thought.. however I then experienced a 2nd degree tear & would do anything to avoid that. Here is a useful NHS guide on how to do it correctly
  • Arnica tablets are a homeopathic remedy so who knows if they actually work or not but I will be taking them again to help speed up healing. They come in tiny little sugar coated tablet form and can be purchased in the likes of Holland & Barrat & Boots. 
  • Lavender Essential Oil – I used lavender oil in my baths last time & think it really helped sooth the area & helped with bruising/swelling. You need to use a carrier so the oil doesn’t just sit on top of the water. I added 5/6 drops to a small glass of milk & poured it under hot running water.
  • Dettol – the medicinal variety not the cleaning product!!!! added to bath same as the lavender oil. 
  • Witch Hazel Gel – is literally your best friend post birth…I smothered it on maternity pads last time & popped them in the fridge. Sooo soothing & helps with the swelling. 
  • Ice Packs – literally like heaven on your swollen bits!!
Any other top tips please fire them my way!!

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