Leg cramps & other slumber issues

As if getting in a comfy enough position to nod off at 36 weeks pregnant isn’t hard enough… Throw in a middle of the night leg cramp fit & your body is jolted back to a state of total awakeness to go through the whole rigmarole again. Said rigmarole involves arranging every pillow available around me in a particular fashion, positioning hubby so I can neither see, smell or feel him, deciding if I’m too hot/cold & need to adjust my slumber attire – then sending afore mention perfectly positioned hubby back downstairs to get forgotten glass of water (every nightI’m so sorry Lee). 

My hubby thinks he has it bad as I thrash around the bed clutching to the duvet & whacking him due to the sheer torture that is cramp! That’s a ride in the park compared to having a 6lb ish bony small person beating you from the inside, a pelvis that feels like it’s been shattered, skin that no longer fits around your once toned torso. A bladder that’s being squashed so much it can hold approximately two mouthfuls of liquid before it needs emptying, bowels that can’t decide if they want to work over time or give up completely, a brain that no longer functions like that of a sane person & don’t even get me started on the fanny daggers!!!! 

I can cope with most of the pesky nighttime problems but leg cramps have got to be one of the worst for me so here are my top tips at combating them & other ways of getting a good nights sleep! 

– drink drink drink. I definitely notice that the days I don’t drink as much water I suffer more at night with cramp 

– try and have a balanced diet. Calcium & magnesium are said to keep cramp at bay so a yogurts & bananas are always good start. 

– stretch. don’t put your head down for the night until you’ve stretched out those legs 

When cramp strikes the best thing to ease it in my experience is stay laid down in bed & pretend you are riding a bike ! 

Failing that whack your hubby a few times & it should help distract you from the pain making things a little more bearable!  

What are your top tips for a great nights sleep? 

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