Labour Bag Snacks

Labour is hard work & hard work makes for a hungrrryyyy Mummy to be! To be perfectly honest my last labour I didn’t have chance to notice I was feeling hungry – I felt rather queasy however straight after Mini Meldrum entered the world I was ravenous. 

The cardboard like cold toast placed in front of me as my celebratory first meal as a mummy didn’t quite cut it so this time I have prepared a selection of scrumptious snacks. These snacks are for pre or post baby – whenever I fancy a little something. 
My full selection of snacks
breakfast bars
yummy treats

healthy graze snacks

energy drinks
Energy drinks are great for during labour to keep energy levels up & also post baby when the exhaustion truly hits! I will also be adding some sucks energy sweets as soon as I can find some I don’t despise the taste of.  

Anything you added that I’ve missed? 

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