Am I in Labour?!!!

Lower back pain, regular contractions, broken waters.. it’s likely you’re in Labour. However it’s not always as obvious as this! I think I spent the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy with Mini Meldrum thinking every twinge was a sign that labour was imminent.

People say when you’re in real labour “You just know”, well I beg to differ… even the Midwives didn’t think I was in active labour as I wasn’t outwardly showing extreme signs of pain.

The usual signs to look out for are;

  • a ‘show’ – This is when the mucus ‘plug’ (yummy) that blocks the opening to your cervix comes away. It is usually blood tinged & can come away whole or in bits. Having your show can mean labour is weeks/days or just hours away. 
  • Period like cramps – often in your back as well as lower bump
  • painful contractions that become regular & do not ease – often becoming longer & stronger as time passes
  • waters breaking  
  • a ‘clear out’ having an upset stomach before your baby arrives is pretty normal – your body is preparing for what it’s about to go through so this could be another sign labour is approaching
obviously if you are 37 weeks + the best thing to do is ride it out at home for as long as you can before heading into hospital. If you are unsure or worried about anything then this would be the time to give your MW or Labour Ward a call for some advice. The usual advice is 2 paracetemol & wait until the contractions are approx 5 mins apart before heading in! 

How did you know you were in Labour?
… everyone starts off differently so please let me know below as I’m sure it will be really helpful for others waiting for this exciting time!!

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