Raspberry Leaf Tea for Pregnancy

There is a huge misconception that Raspberry Leaf tea brings on labour… what it is actually used for is to tone the uterus, helping make it more efficient during labour. I.e making those contractions bloody strong & helping get the baby out!

There has hardly been any research conducted on resp leaf tea and it’s effect on labour but it is thought to help progress your labour at a nice steady pace not to speed it up. 

Raspberry leaf tea isn’t recommended for some people so mention it to your midwife before you start taking it. 

With Mini Meldrum I started drinking the tea at 28 weeks – the guidelines have since changed & it now isn’t recommended until 32 weeks. I purchased both the tea bags & the oral capsules in Holland & Barrat – the tea is currently on buy one get one free here.

I started off on one cup a day and by the end of week 36 I was on 3-7 cups a day. I also started off at 28 weeks with the tablets & gradually increased them – although never to the full dose of 6 tablets a day as I hate swallowing tablets & they are bloomin HUGE!!

I’m not sure if my short pushing stage of labour had anything to do with me drinking a ton of raspberry leaf tea but Mini Meldrum was born in 47 mins with only 3 big pushes.. So I for sure will be drinking the tea again & hoping for a similar outcome. 

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