Push Presents

What is a push present you ask? Well a push present is typically purchased by your Husband to thank you for carrying his child & ‘pushing it out’ don’t worry C-Section mums definitely deserve one too!! 

Push presents are a total Americanism but so are Babyshowers & we’ve embraced them, so I think as Brits we should fully adopt the push present! I didn’t get one with Mini Meldrum but I have hinted I would very much appreciate one this time round… hopefully my lovely Husband finds his way to this blog post! 

All of the push presents I have included are very similar because this is the kind of thing I fancy – L if you have found your way here I would ideally like number 2 or 3.

1. Can be purchased here for £30
2. Can be purchased here for £39
3. Can be purchased here for £38.94
4. Can be purchased here for £40

These are all american based companies! If any of you lovelies know of UK based companies that have the same kind of bits please leave comments below for me to check out.

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