Babies Hospital Bag Checklist

Hey Lovelies, following on from my hospital bag vlog I thought I would do a quick re-cap of what I packed into Baby Meldrum’s hospital bag. It has all gone into my gorgeous Coco Bow changing bag (Review here). As I have said loads & you are probably sick to death of hearing me say this… I am hoping for a home birth but babies bag is packed & ready to go should we need to go to hospital. 

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With Mini Meldrum I over packed.. I took lots of useless bits that didn’t get looked at – why I thought a 1 day old baby would need a hairbrush I will never know but hey life is a learning curve right! This time I really am going for the essentials only (obviously a floral bunny teddy comes under essentials) 

3 x tiny baby sleepsuits
3 x tiny baby vests
3 x muslin squares
2 x hats
little bunny teddy
3 x bibs
20 x nappies
‘going home outfit’ 
My going home outfit of choice is a pretty sleepsuit 

-thin snowsuit will be left in car inside car seat & brought in if/when needed

That’s the lot! Hope someone out there finds this useful. Remember to check what your hospital provides. Some even give you a list. 

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