5 Newborn Essentials

1. Baby blankets – don’t underestimate how many blankets you will need – not necesarily for sleep time but for laying baby on, day time naps, going out in the pushchair, going in the car etc etc. Mini Meldrum was a very sicky baby so we went through a couple of blankets a day, so needed enough to have a couple to hand whilst others were being washed 

2. The Gro-egg room thermometer. This thermometer is great for peace of mind as it changes colour as well as showing the room temperature. It also has the added bonus of being a night light for those late night feeds. I’ve spotted some cute little accessories that make the egg look like different animals so I may have to purchase one of these for Baby Meldrum as we already have the egg from Safiyah.  

3. Muslins I have said this so many times now but muslins really are great! They have many different uses; cleaning up sick, using as a burp cloth, using a feeding cover, being used to lay baby on, a sun shade over a car seat … the really have so many uses. In the early weeks I wrapped one around Safiyah’s mattress so when she was sick during the night I could just change the muslin rather than keep stripping the mattress. 

4. We have been using the Philips Avent bath & room thermometer fo 2 years & 8 months.. almost every day! I even use it when running my own baths now so I don’t have to keep checking temp.. I can just look at the thermometer & know its perfecto! I know lots of people just run a bath & go by how it feels but I like to know that it isn’t too hot or cold for S & that it is just right! It is also a room thermometer however we have never used it as that but I’m sure it works just as well as in the bath. 

5. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Gro-bags they are just like sleeping bags for babies. We used them from day 1 with Mini Meldrum & will be doing so with Baby Meldrum. They are very safe & give me the peace of mine that baby hasn’t wriggled under blanket or alternatively..kicked the blanket off & is too cold. They are great when paired with the Gro-egg as the colour of the thermometer corresponds to a tog rating on sleeping bag so you can chop & change depending on season/how hot/cold your house is. 

I have loved chatting with lots of mum’s on Twitter about their own newborn essentials so figured I’d include a few here;

– carrier/sling
– Ruby & Ginger car seat cover
– Water wipes
– Aden & Anais swaddle blankets
Cuddle Dry baby towel

What are your newborn essentials? Please do share as I’d love to find any products I’m missing out on. 

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