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So those of you who have been following my blog, twitter, instagram or facebook feeds will know that I have recently been away to Greece on holiday. I traveled with a fantastic company who we have been going away with for the last 5 years!

A bit about Neilson;Beautiful, unspoilt locations, sunshine, clear warm water and the chance to enjoy some of your favourite activities. This is a holiday full of choices. An action packed time with family and friends or an opportunity to relax and unwind. Your choice, not ours.” Is what Neilson have to say about themselves. In my words; Neilson cater for every member of the family, kids club is great, food is fantastic, locations are always beautiful, there are so many activities going on for those that want an action packed holiday & there are fitness classes and pool based classes for those that just want to dabble. There is evening entertainment & a few nights non inclusive to explore the local town – or stay and dine at the hotel bistro night. You really do get out of the holiday what you put in! 

Activities; Dinghy sailing, Windsurfing, Waterskiing & Wakeboarding, Bootcamp, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Fitball, Ab Attack, Legs bums & tums, Stretch & relax classes, morning walks/jogs/runs, Mountain & Road biking, Kayaking & Stand up Paddleboarding, Tennis…. and then there is the spa with a whole magnitude of treatments and pamper packages (spa facilitates are at an extra cost) All of the tuition is really top notch and the staff are all generally pretty young, easy going, coaches that want to have a good laugh & make your holiday as enjoyable as possible.

Accomodation: For the price of the holiday the accommodation is not luxuries like you would expect – but on this kind of holiday the room is really the last place you will be spending time. If you are looking for luxury as well as activities there are 2 new Neilson hotels that have been designed to be a much high quality of accomodation. Don’t get me wrong the accom is always spacious, immaculate & very comfortable – it’s just not super fancy! 

Food: Neilson offers 2 options of dinging, Club Board or Full Board
We always go for Club Board which is daily breakfast and lunch & 4 evening meals each week. Non inclusive evenings we use to explore the local village and dine there but there is the option to stay on site and Neilson usually put on a social BBQ and have themed evening which are meant to be great. 
The meals are buffet style but of a very high standard, the chefs are all usually fantastic & cater to all of your needs with fresh fruit, veg, fish, variety of meat and lots of lovely salad bars. Water is included with all meals & drinks from the bar can be purchased. The food really is very scrumptious, I put on a whole stone on my last holiday – luckily I can blame the pregnancy!

Children’s Clubs; There are 9 age category’s for kids clubs & they are great! They cater from 4 months to 17 years old – the older ages is more of a hang out get together rather than a kids club as such – can you imagine telling a 17 year old they are off to kids club!!! 

We have visited;
Lesvos We went here for our honeymoon – it was great & the little local village was really lovely with a fantastic cocktail bar called Parasol! I really loved this resort however I hated the transfer… It was about 2 hours if not slightly longer, over a mountain sometimes with drop either side of you & I suffer badly with travel sickness. Other than that it was great though! George the chef was fab!

 Lemnos This is the resort we have just returned from – it was lovely & we were highly reccomended it by other Neilson goers on our honeymoon.. for me I found the resort a little too big. I love the feel that a smaller resort gives & you get to know everyone much quicker. Our room was at the furthest point from the beech too so I was pretty exhausted walking round resort and dashing S up to kids club etc. I’m not sure if it was just because it was the start of the season but I also felt this resort was missing the usual sparkle Neilson resorts have. Some of the staff seemed a little unenthsiastic & the kids club seemed to be lacking something… it’s hard to put my finger on but I just didn’t get the same vibe I normally get on a Neilson holiday. The transfer was only 20 minutes though so that was a huge bonus.. especially when traveling with a toddler!! Oh the accomodation was of a higher standard here than previous neilson holiday – it seemed a little more upmarket & grand. 

Foca is a lovely resort & very friendly. Foods great, accomodation is great & staff have all been great. It’s a slightly more spread out resort but still has the close feels & a lovely beach bar area that’s great for watching the regatta!

Saving the best ’til last it’s Adakoy is my hands down favourite Neilson resort so far! On a little island off Marmaris you have to get a little boat back and forth to reach civilisation & I just love the close feel of adakoy! It is so so picturesque with beautiful sunsets every evening! This resort holds that special sparkle for me & I big up Adakoy to everyone I speak to. The locals call it Paradise Island and it truly is lovely! We will hopefully be returning to Adakoy next year when Baby Meldrum is around 6 months! 

So there you have it… my thoughts on Neilson holidays – check them out here; & if you are planning on booking a holiday don’t forget to use your mumsnet discount code! You honestly wont be disappointed with a Neilson holiday!  

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