Monu Cleansing Balm Review

Gooood morning to you! The lovely people at Monu Skincare sent me a rather huge tub of their Cleansing balm to test and review. I was a complete cleansing balm virgin before trying this product and my go to cleanser has always been the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish… Not anymore!!!
So a bit of background on cleansing balms for those of you who like me are new to them… 
Cleansing balms are oil-based rather than cream based (which is what I am used to) when I first opened the tub I was a little apprehensive & thought it may be a little too oily for my skin. However I’ve since learnt that oil based cleansers are even marketed at those with oily skin types.. so if you are susceptible to oily skin do no let this put you off! 

How lush does the balm look, it remains solid-ish at room temperature and as soon as it touches your warm skin it literally melts into a silky texture that I can only compare to that of melted butter. 
Morning face pre-cleanse…please excuse my dodgy tan lines
You can see the mascara under my eyes that I had ‘removed’ the night before using another cleanser – this really does just dissolve all traces of make-up effortlessly. 
I can’t believe how the balm turns into an oil as it touches you skin. It’s like it literally melts & feels so silky .. It also goes really far! A tiny amount did my whole face & neck. 
I then splashed warm water on my face and it turned the oil into more of a milky substance that I then polished off using the muslin cloth provided – I use circular motions & frequently rinse the cloth.
After – post blow dry & pre make-up My skin was left feeling utterly moisturised & hydrated and it also felt plumper.
Ta daa, that’s as good as it gets! Made up & ready to go! My skin felt so soft after using the cleansing balm – it was smooth all over & felt as though I had already applied moisturiser & primer, so you can imagine how lovely it felt once I had moisturised & primed my skin! 

The balm also smells devine, very spa like!

I really do love this product & will definitely continue using it & most definitely buy in the future. It is £39.95 for 150g & can be bought direct from Monu here, I imagine the tub will last a long time as it really is huge and you only need a very small amount with each cleanse. I have used it 6 times now & I am yet to dip into the actual pot as I have just used what is in the lid!

Here is my video review of the cleansing balm!

Please let me know if you have tried it & like it as much as me.. are there any other fantastic Monu products I am missing out on? Peel & reveal looks very interesting… go take a peek!

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