House warming hamper

Looking for that perfect gift for special friends but nothing seems quite right? Why not create your own housewarming hamper! 

I have seen a few on Pinterest but decided to create my own with a random (but carefully selected) mix of kitchen cupboard lovelies … With a few other extras thrown in! 

Our hamper included; 

– ideal home magazine 
– an orchid
– balsamic oil dipping sauce
– popcorn
– unusual sachets of coffee
– a box of 3 mint tea
– raspberry milkshake syrup
– a jar of whole chillies
– chutney
– extra hot sauce
– pop tarts
– hot chocolate dipping sticks
– a box of spiced vanilla chai tea 
– cherry cordial 
– a jar of very lazy garlic 

I was really pleased with the final presentation & seeing my lovely friends faces when they received it made it all worthwhile. 

The hamper itself I actually received from another friend who made me a wedding hamper so it is certainly doing the rounds. Ideally I would have liked to finish it off with some polythene & a big bow but I couldn’t source any in time. 

I bought all of the hamper goodies from my local Tesco & garden centre. 

These can get very expensive to do & I did get carried away when selecting what was hamper worthy! You could also create themed hampers i.e kitchen utensils or baking equipment/ingredients, BBQ hamper, perfect steak hamper… The list really is endless! 

Have you ever made a hamper gift? What  was the occasion & what did you put in it? 

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