Baby Meldrum Nursery

At the moment I can’t stop thinking about our new arrivals nursery & I have been gathering bits & bobs to try and create what I keep picturing it to look like.

I feel like in a way I am going to a lot of effort which will kind of end up being wasted…you see I’m going to be decorating the little room but the baby will never actually sleep in there as we are getting an extension in the new year & the baby will be in our room until 6 months… but hey ho I’m sure the room will still look lovely for when it is turned back into a spare room/study.

So these are the kind of pins I have been pinning for ideas (follow me on Pinterest here) and I will obviously be recreating my own feel. In my head the nursery is very white with floral touches… after all you guys know how much I love floral pattern!

Pale grey and white babies room. Very elegant. Gender neutral. Can add pops of colour. Versatile. Relaxing.
How gorgeous is that room! I just love Pinterest! 
White crib against a gray wall 
I’ve just realised the majority of nursery’s I have pinned have grey walls! I do love grey & we have a grey living room & bedroom but I just think grey would make the already little room feel even smaller & I want to keep it as light and fresh as possible!

Gender Neutral All White Baby Nursery This Room Would Be Easy to Pull Off On a Budget. Frames From the Dollar Store Painted White, a Simple Yard Sale End Table Painted White, and You Could Substitute a Wooden Yard Sale Rocking Chair Either Painted White with Nursery Paint, Or Just Leave the Beautiful Wood and Add White Pillows or Cushions.
What do you guys think? I just can’t wait to get started on it… at the moment I am struggling to find the motivation to start painting and just seem find something else to do when I have a spare moment to get it done! I will get it done in the next few weeks & I’ll be sure to do a nursery tour when it is complete. 

Do you guys have any inspiring nursery rooms in this kind of style? I would love to see pictures or links to similar rooms. Come follow me on Pinterest .. I love stalking new boards :)

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