An Award…. For Me?!

I’m a little bit excited to have received the Liebster award & think it’s a great way of finding & helping to share new blogs with under 200 subscribers. 

I was awarded the Liebster away by the lovely Unprepared Mother so Thank You!!! I was actually given it a while away but only just getting round to ‘accepting’ naughty naughty me!

So I haven’t been blogging for very long but I absolutely love it & I love reading other people’s blogs! I now spend a lot of my time trawling through pages of blogs on Bloglovin searching for blogs that interest me or people who just write in the kind of style that I enjoy reading… even those with lots of pretty pictures seem to entice me!

When I first started blogging it was a pretty daunting experience hitting the ‘publish’ button but with more and more positive feedback it’s just come easier to me & I’m really enjoying it. Blogging has become part of daily life now – squeezing in a quick blog post in between being a full time Mummy & currently cooking baby number two!

The Blogs I am nominating are; p.s sorry if you have already received the Liebster award – I guess it just means your extra special getting it twice!

1) Polly’s Little World  I also stalk Polly on Instagram here – feel free to stalk me on instagram here
Each of the above I have enjoyed reading so please keep on writing!
If you are one of the bloggers I have nominated, and you are happy to participate, these are the things you need to do:  
  1. Say who nominated you by creating a similar post
  2. Nominate 5 new bloggers who you think deserve to be seen by more people
  3. Ask them 5 questions
  4. Respond to the questions I have asked
And here are my 5 questions to my fab bloggers:
1) what was the last thing you bought?
2)Do you have a blogging schedule?
3)what type of blog is your favourite to read?
4) have you ever thought about venturing into vlogging too?
5) describe yourself in one word!
Here are the questions I have been given to answer!
  1. Why did you decide to write a blog? I used to spam my personal Facebook account with tales of being a mummy, pictures of my little lady & lots and lots of mummy updates that I am sure everyone got sick of looking at. I decided to start blogging when I fell pregnant as I wanted a new outlet to be able to get out my ramblings & hopefully find an audience that would actually enjoy reading the updates rather than annoying facebook friends. I also thought it would be agreat way to document it all to look back on.
  2. Who did you tell before you started writing and why? I told my hubby, sister and parents – my sister actually introduced me to the world of Vlogs & my mum has always being an avid blog reader. 
  3. Are you a regular blogger or do you go with the flow? turns out I am pretty regular – I’m a bit of a chatter box & it seems to have come naturally to me to blog pretty much every day. I’ve had to write a schedule as I have so much I want to blog about!
  4. What’s your favourite blog post of your own? I actually really like my ‘Pretty Little Things for Little Ladies’ post – I love all things girly and also think it’s good to sometimes have a short a sweet blog with pretty pictures!
  5. IIf you could be anywhere else but here, right now, where would you be? Orlando
  6. What’s your favourite TV programme, old or new? Blacklist… if you haven’t watched it you are seriousllyyyyy missing out! I am a little bit in love with Red.. it’s wrong but he’s just so witty and I love he’s a baddy but a goody!
  7. What makes you keep blogging? people discovering my blog & telling me they enjoy reading my posts – it’s just sometimes hard to help those potential readers find you.
  8. Do you see a time you will ever stop blogging? not any time soon but who knows how I’ll feel when I have two little ladies – finding the time might be an issue.
  9. If you could read anyone elses blog (for blog read “internal monologue”) who would you choose? (e.g. a celebrity, your partner, your child…) Ohhh good question! I think I would like to read Mini Meldrum’s and see all her thoughts and feelings written down. Although I’m sure it would be something like ‘Grapes….Swings… Play Outside… Grapes… Peppa Pig…Painting…Grapes’
  10. What’s your favourite fruit? well that last question tied in nicely… my fave fruit has got to me Kiwi
  11. Describe yourself in one word. Enthusiastic

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