28 Week Pregnancy Update

Hey lovelies, I’m going to alternate my written pregnancy update with my pregnancy update vlogs… how does that sound!? I like to keep my little (or large) self organised so I’m thinking this is the new route to go. Here is the link to my last pregnancy update Vlog incase you missed it :)

How pregnant are you? 28 Weeks on the dot!
How many days until due date: 84 days!! 
Weight: 9.4 stone!!! I lost a stone at the start so technically I’ve put on 2.4 stone but I’m totally cancelling out one of them as my usual weight is 8 stone! 😉
Pregnancy symptoms: I’ve been having really bad backache the last few weeks but other than that feeling good!
Stretch Marks: just the same new 2.. hopefully no more appear!
Cravings: diet coke & have fancied lots of fruit again this week! Juicy watermelon has been my go to fruit!
Movement: non stop – especially when I am trying to sleep – hopefully this isn’t a sign of what’t to come!
Gender: GIRL!!!… Still
Sleep: sleeping well – probably about 8 hours a night. 
Worst moment this week: I’m having a pretty good week… nothing bad to report on!
Best moment this week: enjoying the beautiful sunshine with my Family!
Nesting: Nursery is painted & I have just sorted out every draw in my room – it’s safe to say I am nesting constantly! Although a few friends have pointed out I am a bit of a nester even when not pregnant! 
Labour signs: none – thankfully! Still getting lots of braxton hicks.
Belly button in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: happy happy happyyyyyyy
Looking forward to: A busy weekend, chinese take away with friends on Friday, taking Mini Meldrum swimming Saturday morning then family over for a BBQ, Sunday morning race for life & Sunday afternoon catching up with our lovely neighbours! 

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Hope you are just just spiffingly fantastic! Toodleeee pip! 
Love, love x

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