Surviving a holiday with a toddler

Ok so the title sounds a little depressing and doesn’t match up with the ‘perfect family holiday’ image which people usually think of when picturing holidaying with a toddler. 

Don’t get me wrong Mini Meldrum is fantastic & I love spending time with her, especially in a hot climate with sand, swimming pools & the sea to enjoy.

The reality is that toddlers get bored verryyyy quickly & the €7 bucket & spade set you purchase expecting hours of fun building pretty sandcastle’s & collecting shells usually only lasts about 15 minutes. Normally until said toddler is covered in a combination of wet sand, itchy salt water, sweat & sun cream. Never mind let’s take a dip in the pool… Shorts, t-shirt & nappy off, swim nappy on, swimming cossie on, floating device strapped into place & into the pool we go…. 4/5 minutes later it’s time to get out to hush whines of “mummy I’m too cold”, “can I have a floating crocodile” “can I have an ice cream” … You get the picture…
What I’m saying is; Yes family holiday are great but they are far from the relaxing experience you get to enjoy as a couple – pre-children. Every ‘activity’ lasts such a short time so can be the opposite of relaxing & really quiet exhausting & that’s with kids club to take over some of the hours of the day! 
Of course the fact I am 24 weeks pregnant & the beaming sunshine add to feeling very tired however pre pregnancy holidays with a toddler were almost as tiring! 

This being said I wouldn’t change it for the world!! I love watching S experience things that many 2 year olds don’t get to experience; sailing, kayaking & playing tennis to name a few! I also love seeing her being her own little person & forming friendships in kids club & spying on her out and about pretending to be a pirate & enjoying giggles with her new found buddies…

So… My survival guide would be to;
1) don’t expect too much from your toddler. Of course we can all dream of peace an tranquility on holiday but the reality is that you are your child’s main source of entertainment! 

2) be prepared to give into asks of ice cream, novelty large floating animals for the pool & endless trips to the park – just for a bit of peace if nothing else!

3) take first aid supplies you think you won’t need – Mini Meldrum ended up with a bad cold & we could have really done with cough syrup, Vicks & olbas oil

4) let routines slide a little, I’m a big fan of routines and structure…but happy to let them slide whilst on holiday – for my own sanity more than anything else! 


It’s a little bit daunting that the next family holiday we go on there will be TWO Mini Meldrum’s! Eek … I think we will most definitely be roping in my parents to come & enjoy the fun with us

Have a great week guys – I’m off to entertain Mini Meldrum for 3 hours until she heads to kids club for the afternoon! 

Love, love

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