Boy or Girl Gender Prediction Tests

Hey Lovelies! 
So for a bit of fun I have done a few Gender Prediction Tests! There are loads to choose from online & I just grabbed a couple of the most well known ones. 
– Sickness. Yes = Girl / No = Boy
As most of you know I was ridiculously sick for the first 15 weeks of pregnancy without any real let up so that’s a definite point for the girls!

– Craving sweet things. Yes = Girl / No = Boy
I never normally have much of a sweet tooth but I have been loving hard boiled sucky sweets such as rhubarb and custard & those stripey mint sweets. Also I can’t get enough of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream at the moment..yummmm

– Spots. Yes = Girl / No = Boy
Old wives tales say if you are having a girl then she steals your beauty from within & I have had a fair few spots since falling pregnant. Something that I never normally have to content with! 

– Craving citrus fruits. Yes = Girl / No = Boy
Not so much now but definitely in the first 10 weeks of my pregnancy I was craving lemons & limes and would chop one of each up every morning and nibble them throughout the day. I found it helped distract me from feeling sick too so if anyone is suffering from sickness it’s worth giving it a try.

– Ring Test. swings in a Circle = Girl / rocks back and forth = Boy
So for this one you need someone to help you & ideally to have a wedding ring! You attach your wedding ring to either a strand of your hair (ouch if you haven’t got one laying about) or a piece of string – I opted for string. You lie on your back and get someone to dangle your wedding ring about your bump. If it swing in a circular motion its a girl if it rocks back and forth its a boy. Different websites actually say different things so take your pic 😉

– Chinese Gender Prediction – I used this one & got Boy

So there you have it 4 points for the girls & 2 points for the boys! Which backs up my thoughts that little bean is in fact a girly!! Roll on Sunday so we can find out & I can begin shopping! Woo hooooo!! There are also lots of old wives tales about how you are carrying your bump, quality of your hair, you can also look at scan pictures for nub theories and skull theories! 

-Let me know if you have used any gender prediction tests, were they right?
Do you think I’m having a boy or a girly? Cast your vote below.

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